A.D. Episode #2: The Body Is Gone

A.D. The Bible Continues aired its second episode on NBC last night. As you will recall last week I predicted the series would see a spike in viewership this weekend with less religious fair on television. Well as it turns out I was wrong, the new series actually dropped in the ratings by 20% with 7.63 million viewers. This is still considered a respectable showing, but nothing to boast about like the ratings of its predecessor (The Bible) which aired on cable. A.D. was the #4 show on network television for the night (4/12/15).

As for my thought on Episode #2 titled “The Body Is Gone,” I will give only a few brief comments. Again I thought the scenes featuring the antagonists where the most compelling to watch. Not sure if it’s the actors or the writing, but this is two episodes now where those characters and their interactions are a bit more interesting and engaging to watch. The scenes with JC and the disciples post resurrection (manly the delivery of dialogue) where a bit too overly pious. Although I did think the scene choice (effects) to depict the ascension to heaven was impressive, but too brief. But I am probably just being too picky again. Overall thus far it is not the best biblical adaptation I have seen, but it is certainly not the worst either – not by far.

Thank you for reading. God Bless!



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