Book Review: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

In this post I will briefly review an excellent book I just finished reading titled “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi. In this book the author writes a thoughtful, deeply personal and engaging account of his journey from Islam to Christianity.

Nabeel Qureshi provides readers with an insider’s perspective into the heart and mind of a devout Muslim, and recounts attempts to convert him to Christianity while growing up and his counter arguments for Islam. It was fascinating to read such accounts, i.e. his conversations with his classmate Betsey and attending a church with his dad (by invitation) where the play Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames was put on.  You will understand how Nabeel thought about these issues growing up in a loving and devout Muslim family. As Nabeel challenges others and is often challenged himself, the reader will get to learn first hand how many Muslims think and approach their faith and Christianity.

In the book one will also learn a great deal more about Islam, the history behind the Koran and various Muslim beliefs and sects from an insiders view; all too very fascinating. Nabeel then recounts meeting David (a devout Christian) while starting out in college, and how the two become close friends. Later as they begin speaking and discussing issues of their faiths, we learn how Nabeel comes to discover evidence that Jesus really did claim to be God and rose from the dead. Then read as he describes the anguishing inner struggle that emerged as he grabbles with the gospels and begins to doubt the faith of his youth. Also fascinating were the “God Moments” as I call them; where God reaches out to him through various ways (i.e. dreams) to help him through this journey. In the end, this book is a deeply personal autobiography explaining the long process by which a devout Muslim came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Nabeel Qureshi is now a Christian Apologist from Biola University and is a speaker with Zacharias International Ministries. The book comes with many recommendations, including Josh McDowell, and a forward by Lee Strobel. For whatever it is worth, I too enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone interested.

God Bless!



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