Part 1 of 2: Was Jesus Married?

As many of you no doubt know, one of the most recurring claims on the Internet or television these days is the notion that Jesus may have been married. Thanks largely to Dan Brown’s fictional novel The Da Vinci Code and the subsequent movie, there has been a mass amount of books, articles, websites and “documentaries” all claiming Jesus may have been married, or in fact was married, and that the Church has been covering it up for centuries. Now this claim is so absurd many believers might ask: Why waste the time to respond to it? Well I typically would not give much attention to such obvious fiction perpetuated by conspiracy theorist, but sadly this wild speculation has started to garner traction in the public at large. A recent poll shows that almost 20% of the population in the United States now believe that Jesus was married. Just as with the mythicists claims (see my earlier post: Was Jesus a Myth?) these voices are being heard quite loudly in many places today and spreading rapidly. So in this, the first of two posts on the subject, I will pose the question: Was Jesus Married? In this post I will argue why from a religious and theological perspective this possibility is frankly – well NOT possible. In my next post I will explain why it is unhistorical, and cite the historical evidence that conclusively shows Jesus was single and celibate.

Let me first start by declaring that there is nothing wrong or scandalous about marriage—it is an institution designed by God from the very beginning, and described as a “good” human relationship in Genesis (1:26–31). However, the notion that Jesus, the Son of the Living God, could have been married raises a number of religious and theological paradoxes thereby making the claim a definitive impossibility. In the following paragraph I will outline why (for believers) this is the case.

The scriptures teach in Genesis (2:24) that in marriage, both a husband and his wife become “one flesh;” Jesus was sinless having both a divine and human nature, yet any supposed wife would have had a sinful nature. So in effect, Jesus and any alleged wife would have become one flesh. Think of the implications: by becoming “one flesh” with a sinner, Jesus would have become tainted himself with sin. He would have therefore been unable to die atoning for mankind’s sinful nature and thereby unable to redeem the human race from its sin. Additionally, what type of beings would any children from such a union have been? Would these be half-human/half-divine demigods or demigoddesses like in the many pagan myths? Ha! That’s a good laugh. But seriously, people need to get real. As noted in a previous blog, Christianity comes from a thoroughly monotheistic Jewish background, and therefore does not have nor allow for this kind of understanding of God. There is ONE supreme eternal God, and Jesus Christ is his only begotten Son. The Word of God made Flesh as described in John. He is God incarnate. It is true that God loves everyone, he is our creator and we are his children, that he sent his only begotten Son into the world as an offering to bring salvation to this world testifies to this truth. I can think of no greater act of love than this. But God (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) does NOT love anyone in a manner that would involve sex; otherwise he would not be God, certainly not in the Judeo-Christian understanding.

The irony of this entire discussion, is that while the possibility of an earthly marriage for Jesus is entirely rejected on the theological grounds mentioned, he was actually married in a spiritual sense. The true bride of Jesus Christ is not any singular earthly woman, but rather the entire Christian Church (i.e. his spiritual bride). This spiritual marriage required both an earthly and physical celibacy so that Jesus could complete his mission of salvation and redemption for his true bride. And although this is only a spiritual marriage, the Church is called “the Body of Christ,” because she is one flesh and spirit with him. The Apostle Paul writes in his letter to the Corinthians, “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? … But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit”. In short, the body of believers, who profess Christ as their Lord and Savior, are all redeemed and made clean through him who was without sin. Therefore Jesus could NOT have had an earthly marriage, as he too would have then been tainted by sin and unable to complete his mission – to redeem and save his true bride: The Church.

So as has been demonstrated from theological and religious grounds; we can say with certainty that Jesus was NOT married. And any professing Christian that entertains such an idea, clearly does not have a good grasp of scripture, or an understanding of just who Jesus was and is, nor an understanding of the nature of Christ. He is Immanuel: God with us. However, as stated previously these arguments are all from religious and theological grounds, but for those who do not believe Jesus was Christ and the Son of the Living God, it still proves nothing. Therefore in my next post I will pose the same question, and answer the question from one of historical evidence.

Thank you for reading; God Bless!



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