A.D. Episode #3: The Spirit Arrives

A.D. The Bible Continues aired its third episode on NBC last night. The TV ratings show the new series dropped again in the ratings by 17% from 7.63 million viewers last week to 6.28 million viewers this week. This is an almost 40% drop from the premiere three weeks ago. A.D. was the #4 show on network television on Sunday night (4/19/15) for the second week in a row. However, if the ratings do not improve or at the very least stabilize, it likely will not be renewed for a second season. In any event, below are my thoughts on Episode #3 titled “The Spirit Arrives”; in my review of the premier episode I said that I would write one review at the conclusion of the season. However, I have changed my mind. Instead I will only on occasion offer some brief thoughts on each episode as I have done to this point.

Now for my thoughts on Episode #3: In this episode we meet Herod Antipas as he and Caiaphas try to deal with Pilate’s heavy hand or “flex of political muscle” over Jerusalem during the festival of Pentecost. Meanwhile the disciples are held up in hiding waiting for the Holy Spirit to arrive, as Jesus told them prior to his ascension at the end of episode two. The scene when the Holy Spirit finally does arrive was a bit disappointing i.e. it was a brief special effects scene. Perhaps with 2013’s The Bible series still fresh in my mind this series just does not hold up. The Holy Spirit’s arrival at Pentecost depicted in “The Bible” was a far superior rendition of the account of Acts 2. Although this episode did have some bright spots i.e. exploring fresh material never depicted in prior biblical films before (at least to my knowledge). Specifically the idea Peter could have been a father. From Matthew 8:14 we know Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law meaning he was married, and Paul confirms the same in 1 Corinthians 9:5 that Peter did indeed have a wife. This was something I have not seen explored before in film or television. The episode depicts Peter as a widower with a young daughter. So that was an interesting idea or depiction drawn from the scriptures.

In any event, that concludes my brief synopsis and thoughts for episode #3. As I said last week, overall thus far A.D. is not the best biblical adaptation I have seen, but it is certainly not the worst.

Thank you for reading. God Bless!



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