A.D. Episode # 4: The Wrath

A.D. The Bible Continues aired its fourth episode on NBC last night. The TV ratings show the new series dropped again in the ratings by 8% from 6.28 million viewers last week to 5.72 million viewers this week. This is an almost 45% drop from the premiere four weeks ago. A.D. fell to the #8 show on network television on Sunday night (4/26/15). As stated last week, if the ratings do not improve or at the very least stabilize, it likely will not be renewed for a second season. In any event, below are my thoughts on Episode #4 titled, The Wrath.

In this episode we see the trial of Peter and John, and later meet Barnabas as Peter begins to organize the movement after he is freed. Meanwhile, the High Priest Caiaphas is left dealing with Pilates decent into madness as he systematically crucifies ten random Jewish males each day until the failed assassin and murderer of a Roman soldier is arrested. The person in question is a Zealot named Boaz, who is seen taking up refuge with the early Christians outside the city on some land given them by Barnabas. Additionally, we meet Stephen who comes to find Peter after being baptized, and we are also witness to the Ananias & Sapphira episode described in Acts 5. The scenes of Ananias & Sapphira’s deaths seemed a bit over the top for my taste i.e. the scriptures say they dropped dead after dying, not with descriptions of blood coming from their mouth and eyes.

In any event, that concludes my brief synopsis and thoughts for episode #4. As I said repeatedly week after week, overall thus far A.D. is not the best biblical adaptation I have seen, but it is certainly not the worst. Although sadly, I most say that from the ongoing ratings fall noted earlier I do not see how the series gets picked up for another season. But who knows, maybe it will find an audience yet.

Thank you for reading. God Bless!



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