A.D. Episode # 5: The First Martyr

A.D. The Bible Continues aired its fifth episode on NBC last night. The TV ratings show the new series dropped again in the ratings (although only slightly) from 5.72 million viewers last week to 5.44 million viewers this week. This remains an almost 45% drop from the premiere five weeks ago. A.D. was the # 3 show in its time-slot and the #7 show on network television for Sunday night (5/03/15). At least this week the ratings showed some signs of stabilizing, although it may be too late for the show to be renewed for a second season. In any event, below are my thoughts on Episode #5 titled, The First Martyr.

In this episode we see another trial of Peter and later the arrest of the other disciples (now Apostles). Meanwhile, the High Priest Caiaphas and Pilate’s wife Claudia are still dealing with Pilates decent into madness as he continuously orders the crucifixion of ten Jewish residents each day until the Zealot Boaz, who murdered a Roman soldier, is in Roman custody. Boaz eventually turns himself in and is put to death. There was even a rare moment of Caiaphas and Peter paying their respects together, though short lived. And a heated moment between Caiaphas and Pilates wives. These were among some of the more compelling moments of the episode. Additionally, after the Apostles are scourged and released, we witness Stephen preaching before the religious leaders in Jerusalem, before being taken away and stoned to death. All this was under the approval of a man dressed from the Sanhedrin, which for those of us familiar with the book know to be the future Apostle Paul.

In any event, that concludes my brief synopsis and thoughts for episode #5. Moving forward, I think I may only post once more on this show, with some concluding thoughts and remarks on the series after the season finale airs. I have not made up my mind yet.

In either event, thank you for reading. God Bless!



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