Does God Exist?

Without question, more and more people in our modern secular world are beginning to question the existence of God. If you do not believe me, then here are some somber statistics to consider: on overage, polling data in the U.S. has shown over the last decade a decrease in the number of professing Christians from around 80% to just over 70%. Meanwhile the number of professed atheist and agnostics has risen from about 15% to almost as high as 25%. Of course this latter category includes both atheist, who do not believe in God, and Agnostics, who are not sure if they believe in God – but still, that is almost one quarter of the U.S. population that now questions the existence of God. Therefore, for this post I will pose the question: Does God Exist?

On the surface this question is most peculiar. After all, we may not all agree on who God is, but how can anyone seriously question that God exists. Think about it: if God did not exist, how did any of us get here to have this discussion? Specifically, the human species is real and has a beginning. The world we live on is real and has a beginning. And the universe we reside in is real and has a beginning. Therefore, the question then arises: How did all this get here? After all, it could not have created itself. Once more, you do not have to be a person of faith or religious to accept this premise. Philosophically and scientifically, everything in the natural universe has a beginning. This fact can be derived according to the most basic Law of Science, the one universal law: Cause & Effect. To put it simply, the Law of Cause & Effect dictate that for every material Effect, there must also have been a Cause that existed prior to the Effect. In other words, something can NOT come from nothing. For instance, the universe began to exist (i.e. the Big Bang), therefore the universe has a Cause. Yet here in lies the great irony of this debate: If one removes God from the equation, then this fallacy is precisely what one is left to believe, i.e. that something (the universe) came from nothing. Moreover, this idea breaks the very “commandment” of the new secular “religion” of Naturalism — the belief that only Natural Laws govern the universe and not God — subscribed to by atheist. Why? Because atheist are essentially at some point going to have to argue against the universal natural scientific law of Cause & Effect, i.e. that the Big Bang came from nothing, or the materials/forces that caused the Big Bang came from nothing, etc.

In fact, only the existence of God uniquely solves this problem. How? Because God is eternal, existing outside of time and space. Specifically, scientists formulated the Law of Cause & Effect based on what they observed while studying the material universe, which is made up of matter. However, no scientific experiment can ever be performed on God, who is an eternal spirit / divine being (not matter). Simply put, God simply IS, or as He so described himself in the scriptures (Bible): “I AM.” Once more, considering the vast complexities of the universe, the idea or assertion that it all somehow came together by mere chance is frankly, well, preposterous — if not down right laughable. For instance, just the conditions necessary to make the Earth suitable to sustain life (of any kind) alone, required numerous factors that had to be dialed in with such incredible precision. Moreover, if so much as just one of these factors had been off to even the slightest degree, then none of us would even be around to know about it. As Physicist Robert Collins has noted, “The fine-tuning has conservatively been estimated to be at least one part in a hundred million billion billion billion billion billion. That would be a ten followed by fifty-three zeroes. That’s inconceivably precise.” In short, the mass complexities of the universe point to an intelligence behind its design, to God (the divine Creator).

In conclusion, one need not only believe in God simply as a matter of Faith, but by way of reason, and dare I even say science. Specifically, the Law of Cause & Effect is the most fundamental universal law of science. Once more, it does not have any known exceptions in the natural material universe, nor was it conjured up by creationists to prove the existence of God — although it does this quite nicely on its own. Therefore, the evidence is sufficient to show that the material universe MUST have a nonmaterial cause. Once more, that nonmaterial cause IS God. So to answer the question of this post: Does God Exist? YES! God must certainly DOES exist. What’s the evidence? Everything you see around you (His Creation).

That concludes this post. Thank you for reading. I hope some may have found this insightful.



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