More on Jesus Wife Hoax

Over a year ago now I posted on the so-called “Gospel of Jesus Wife” hoax. For those who may not be familiar with this issue, please review my earlier post titled                “The Gospel of Jesus Wife Hoax” for more details. In that post, I examined both the history of this newly “discovered” document and the evidence that proves to scholars that it is indeed a modern hoax and forgery.

In fact, the evidence pointing towards a modern forgery was so overwhelmingly conclusive that virtually all scholars in the field across the spectrum – Old School and New School – were satisfied the document was indeed a fake. Only Karen King, the Professor who received the tiny fragment from a “collector” wanting to stay anonymous and published her findings on this newly uncovered “lost gospel”, appeared unwilling to throw in the towel completely, saying:

“This is substantive, it’s worth taking seriously, and it may point in the direction of forgery. This is one option that should receive serious consideration, but I don’t think it’s a done deal.” (Karen King)

Well since my original post on this topic, there have been several more revelations uncovered by various scholars as well as investigative reporters that further prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the “Jesus Wife” fragment is a modern forgery. Period! So overwhelming now is the evidence that even Karen King has finally acknowledged it is indeed a “probable” fake — saying:

“It (all the compounding evidence) tips the balance towards forgery.” (Karen King)

One wonders just what — short of an actual confession from the “donor” of this fragment — it would take to allow King to unequivocally call it for what it is: an ABSOLUE FAKE and a FRAGULENT “gospel” hoax. But even a tepid admission that one was wrong is better than continuously displaying willful ignorance to the truth of the matter. For that at least, King is to be commended.

Anyway, that is it for this post, just thought I would share this brief update concerning the “Gospel of Jesus Wife” hoax.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully some may have found this interesting.



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