Merry Christmas!

I would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to all who may read this post! With today, December 25th, being Christmas day, I would like to briefly discuss what makes this holiday so very special to over a billion Christians spread out across the entire globe. To sum it all up in just one word: incarnation.  Christmas is a holiday that at its central core celebrates the (Gospel) “Good News” that God, the creator of Heaven & Earth, humbled himself and become one of us. The very Word of God that spoke the cosmos into existence, and formed mankind in his image, and through whom breathed life itself into the universe, became a man. He lived as one of us, with us, and would ultimately die for us. The Good News of Christmas is that God came into the world in a beautiful and most personal way to save us, His creation, His children. As we celebrate this holiday season with song, food, family and gifts, let us never forget that very special gift so long ago: Christ Jesus, the incarnation, Immanuel (God with Us).

Merry Christmas!



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