About the JDN Blog:

The purpose of the JDN Blog is mostly to allow me the opportunity to bloviate my opinions to anyone interested, or possibly to no one at all. In case of the latter, then at least this exercise may prove therapeutic. My mission statement for the blog is to provide my opinions and insights on topics pertaining to Christianity, a subject of great interest to me.

Disclaimer: I am an unapologetic person of faith. I have no problems with the label Christian Fundamentalist. Why? A Christian fundamentalist is nothing more than one who believes in the fundamentals of their respective faith. In the case for Christianity, the fundamentals are simply professing faith that Jesus was: the Christ (the Anointed One / Messiah), the Son of God, sacrificed as atonement for sins and rose from the dead. One professing these fundamental believes rather liberal or conservative, catholic or protestant, evangelical or not, would be a “Christian Fundamentalist” in every sense of the word. However, since in our modern culture we have come to associate the term with being close minded, and nobody wants to regard themselves as such, we all run from the label and deny we are fundamentalist. Well not me, I am taking the label back.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I hope anyone who may stumble across this blog will find it enjoyable. Thanks for reading. God Bless!




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